Make the best of your website "totally"

In this article we made an attempt to cover the most important points which have an interest among the webmasters and we conduct our analysis of disputable subjects. 


 Viruses and malware 


We often meet the myth relating to the sale of traffic, reportedly with the  increasing number of advertizing networks which have traffic for sale, there is a big risk "to catch" the malicious application, whereas an opportunity to find its source is less. It is pretty simple to dispel this myth - it is enough to address elementary calculations. The advertizing network represents hundreds (and at times and thousands)of offers.


Let's say on each network there are N % of malicious applications. Then with  the increasing of number of the partner companies the number of viruses also grows, however the quantity of offers naturally increases. 

Thus the percent of malware is permanent and equal  to  N %.


It’s extremely difficult to find a source among imposing number of narrowly targeted offers without any outside help. Nevertheless, the quantity of offers play any role absolutely - an opportunity to figure out the intruder is miserable. To find a virus which is displayed for a narrow target it is necessary either to be the genius, or to collect a set of a proxy, to take all kinds of technique and to begin "check". We hope it’s unnecessary to explain what feedback from such "protection" you will get.


If you have imposing income and you value the trust of visitors, you can resort to the help of expensive special services which will make a quick scan of advertizing concerning viruses and aggression. Consider the fact that checked networks have no viruses except for activities of the intruders who cheated a system. 


However, you shouldn't confuse viruses and aggressive advertisement. Some types of lending of a network place intentionally, of course, for a good price. It doesn't suit you? Connect with the manager, he will help you to liquidate a problem with pleasure (it is possible to cope independently).


 Services of mediation and trackers - expensive pleasure 


Of course, when to the commission of advertizing networks (about 30-50%) is also added the price of services of service  (3-10%), it doesn't make you feel any better. But let's figure it out...


First of all, if you don't want to give a half of income for inefficient sale of traffic, we set aside an option of work with the single network. Not anyone network can offer adequate fees on a wide range of targeting.


If you are interested in arbitration, then on its basis not to do without detailed statistics and automation of actions, and to make it "manually" just totally unreal. Besides if it is difficult for you to pay by media services by money, pay off with a part of traffic!


Of course, it would be perfect if it was possible to sell traffic to advertisers "directly", and 100% of income would be charged to you, but let's back to reality. There are enough advertisers and platforms that it make impossible to keep in any contact, that’s why it’s much more practical to address advertising networks.


Let’s see a bright example of distribution of finance at cooperation with one network and the work with mediation service:


As you can see on the left chart, a part of possible income (35% - are a lot of!) it is lost thanks to poor control of traffic forever. Also money leaves on the commission of the only advertizing network (still minus 30%). Total, from profit there is about a third


On the second chart it obvious  that mediation is 50% more effective. Why is it so?


First of all, in the second case there are no losses due to the lack of offers. Also, because of the high competition advertizing networks are forced to establish lower rate. As the result, by contacting the system of mediation, you have earned more favorable offer of advertizing network (not 30%, and already 10% or even less) - it isn't bad! Thus, using mediation services, you have taken away not 35%, but  already 85% of income that brings us closer to an ideal situation.


Notorious registration


Many people are afraid of need to create accounts in a large number of networks. Naturally, it is necessary to create accounts, but, as a rule, if you’re working not the first day, you already have about 5-6 accounts - what quite enough (and otherwise how you worked?). And registration of the account - not the death sentence. To fill in one profile, it is necessary to spend about half an hour, and in 2 hours 4-5 accounts will be ready.


 Change of system


Previously  we have told in detail about need of innovations, have shown that the old system is inefficient therefore it isn't surprising that we advise to change the settled system. It should be taken into account the fact, that you need to replace a code only. If you use the control system of versions, you will be able to come back to basic data for two simple actions. 


If  you can’t use services of mediation and management of advertizing  at all, use at least one of a set a tag managers.


 "One advertizing network will bring me bigger income, than work with several networks"


We often meet such a belief in empty promises. Remember if there would be a universal network, it would drive all other networks out of the market. Even the largest advertizing networks specialize only in several targets. 


Even if one network can buy all your traffic, the situation can be changed radically after week or month. Of course, narrowly targeted networks establish attractive deal, but they won't be able to calculate traffic for non-standard inquiries effectively.


It is convenient for advertizing networks to dispose of your traffic, it is ptofiable to know its volume and to choose the corresponding orders, but in this way you play a role of a backup, circumstances change - the network isn't interested in your traffic. In most cases there will be buyers for a quarter of traffic, and the rest either will be gone, or will return to you that you already decided where him to put.


PopUnders and using of codes of advertizing networks work not in favor of cooperation with one network. You don't control behavior of popunder, the advertizing network can send several annoying announcement to one user. Nobody will report to you about it, so remains only to wonder to the number of refusals.


In conclusion it would be desirable to advise to sell traffic only to those networks which are ready to pay for it. Remember that only a system approach will allow to receive a maximum profit.


Article write by Money4Leads