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 Use Target Impression Share to increase brand awareness


Google Ads team started new intellectual Target Impression Share Smart Bidding strategy to help ensure your ads are meeting a specific impression threshold.

Strategy works only in search network Google.


Target Impression Share can be useful for campaigns with brand terms. For example, let’s say you want your ad to show 100% of the time when a user searches for your brand.


Link for article here:


TrueView for reach now in beta


Google completed beta testing of TrueView for reach. Today all brands globally can use TrueView for reach in Google Ads and Display & Video 360.


TrueView for reach  in-stream format  with CPM buying. It will help you reach your desired audience more efficiently. And thanks to YouTube’s 95% viewable and 95% audible environment, you can be sure this audience is seeing and hearing your ads.


Read about TrueView you can here:


Not all news from Google Ads. Google launches special Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals ad unit


The Google's experiment to show offers at the top of the search results for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Google has launched a new experiment with promotion extensions in Google Ads. Now through Nov. 27,  Google may serve a specific Black Friday promotion ad format when people search for the following Black Friday and Cyber Monday related keywords. 


More about Black Friday:


More pleasant ways to shop on Instagram


Instagram team announcing three new ways to discover new products, just in time for the holidays:


-Save new Shopping collection

-Redesign of the Shop tab

-Shopping in Feed videos


About Instagram innovations you can read here:


Some researches. Only 52% of Facebook staff positively evaluate the company’s future  — in comparison with 84% last year

Changes happened because of stocks devaluation  and several scandals.


About this with reference to the sources writes The Wall Street Journal.



According to the edition, social network conducted survey among 29 thousand workers. Only half of them optimistically looks at Facebook future.


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